4 Kitchen Trends For 2019

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9 Kitchen Island Ideas

Gone are the days where a kitchen is used solely as a food preparation area. Instead, it’s now recognised as the heart of every home, a place where families can unwind, eat together and entertain guests.

An island provides a focal point and brings real purpose to your kitchen. It can transform the design from ordinary to extraordinary and add a new level of practicality whilst cooking and socialising.

To help inspire you, we’ve put together an extensive list of some of our favourite kitchen island ideas…

Think minimal

If you like things looking modern and neat, sleek lines and no handles will probably be right up your street. Incorporating an open kitchen island unit will add style to space while maintaining a contemporary feel.

The key to any minimal kitchen island design is simplicity. This includes choosing neutral colours, slab doors and extra hidden storage.

9 Kitchen Island Ideas9 Kitchen Island Ideas

The L word

If you enjoy hosting parties or simply like to mingle with the family in the kitchen, you’ll love an L-shape island. Ditching the standard square or rectangle design for an L-shape will not only act as a stunning kitchen centrepiece, but it’ll also provide you with the space to double up as a serving area or a buffet bar.

Show people what you’ve got

Sometimes top cookery books and fine China are just too precious to hidden away in a cupboard. A kitchen island with a display feature will give you the practical space to do things while adding a touch of personality to your kitchen as a whole. The open display feature means you can showcase all of your favourite elements without making the area look cluttered.

9 Kitchen Island Ideas9 Kitchen Island Ideas

An island breakfast

A breakfast bar is still one of the most popular concepts for a lot of families today. They’re ideal for busy families who need to grab a quick bite to eat together and have the kitchen space to accommodate this larger unit.

A traditional touch

There’s something utterly endearing about a traditional kitchen island design. If you love a spot of baking, need more room to store things and want guests to feel warm when they walk into the room, a traditional design is perfect.

Customary features include beautiful wooden oak doors and a marble top for a glossy finish.

9 Kitchen Island Ideas9 Kitchen Island Ideas

A smaller design

If you’re not blessed with ample space or you’d just prefer to keep things compact, a more bijou design can still provide the “wow” factor your kitchen deserves.

You can have everything from double display cabinets and extra storage to an induction hob and a tidy workspace all wonderfully constructed within a smaller design.

Give your kitchen island legs

A subtle but striking addition many homeowners are opting for nowadays is to choose a kitchen island with legs.

By simply lifting the island off the floor it creates an illusion of space and can make the design look cohesive with your dining table or breakfast bar.

Make it a double

A double kitchen island is arguably one of the most guest-friendly designs available to homeowners. By incorporating a central seating area in-between two sleek rectangular islands, people can sit there in comfort while you prepare their food or drink.

Plus, with a large amount of workspace available, there’s plenty of room to put on a buffet while cooking up a storm.

Take your kitchen island to new heights

A unique way of making your kitchen island more of a striking focal point is to select one with a hanging display.

This is particularly effective if your home has high ceilings, as it’ll help the room orbit around this beautiful feature. It’s also a practical and stylish way of storing pots, pans, utensils and glasses.

9 Kitchen Island Ideas9 Kitchen Island Ideas

Choose what’s right for you

Hopefully, these examples have helped get your creative juices flowing and will make your decision a little bit easier.

If you’re still not sure what kind of kitchen island is right for you, come and visit our showroom in Pontypridd, South Wales.

Our team here at AC Distribution can work with you to design a bespoke kitchen island which incorporates your practical needs, the space available and your style preferences. For more information, drop us an email to sales@acdistribution.com or request a free design appointment.